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Re: [VACList] "Commodore Vanderbilt"


   The Commodore's long, long painted Airstream was not the
norm; it was specially painted for the Occasion or a few
Occasions (Convention & Coronation).  Wally was a great
publicist, and Neal V. wasn't shy either.  

   The 22' Liner that Wally and Neal toured Europe in during
1948  was one of the first postwar "bannered" Airstreams
(the names of cities visited painted on its sides).  When
Wally took his first caravan south into Mexico during 1951,
a painted Cruisette led the way.  It can be seen on RJ's web

   The "Commodore" trailer continued and perhaps promoted
this nascent tradition but in a bigger way: the trailer
sides were painted a dark color to make the names more
visible.  The roof was painted a lighter color to reject
heat.  Sort of harks back to the 1930's painted masonite
trailers, doesn't it?