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In the 1950s and 1960s some trailers could be found with plug-in lights located near the entry door. These served as "porch lights" and provided much more light than the small lights which were sometimes provided by the various manufacturers. The bulb used was a standard household bulb, not to exceed 100 watts. At night, this helped provide light for activities outside around the trailer.
Depending on how the outlet was wired, the bulb could be either a/c or d/c, which also allowed the plug-in light to be used while "dry camping".
When it was time to "break camp", the light was unplugged and stored away until next needed.
Below are several pictures of a typical vintage plug-in light. Note the screw collar which was screwed onto a collar on the trailer outlet plate near the entry door to help hold it securely in place.
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At that time, outlets were readily available at retail outlets, as the following picture shows. Unfortunately, the weather-proof screw cap outlet plates can no longer be found, except when old stock turns up. Some vintage trailer owners may recognize the outlet which can be seen on the outside of this 1954 Silver Streak Clipper. It will be similar to an outlet near the door on their own trailer.

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There appears to have been little uniformity, or standard for these outlets. In samples from four different sources, we encountered three different diameters of the screw caps, and in the two which were the same diameter, the screw pattern was different. This meant that a lamp which fit onto one of the outlet plates would not have fit onto the other three. We have dealt with this issue with the lights which are sold on this site. With each light order, an weatherproof outlet plate - which fits the screw cap on the light - is provided, complete with an outlet. If you already have an outlet plate on your trailer, try the light and see if it fits. If so, then all you need do is use the light. If not, then replace the existing outlet and weatherproof plate with the new one! If you do not already have a weatherproof outlet, then install the one which comes with your light.
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