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By Jim Stewart on Thursday, July 22, 1999 - 11:51 am:

Does anyone have a source for the cone shaped center hubcap for a Bambi? (13") After seeing all the original looking hubcaps at the International, I want to replace my after market covers.
'61 Bambi with plastic wheel covers

Lashway wrote:

I admired the alloy wheels on the Sovereign and would like to get some for my Argosy. As owner of three different Argosy's over the years I have never admired their wheel appearance. My solution is to use wheel covers. Typically I purchasaed a/s covers similar to those on mid 70's. I learned recently these are not available thru a/s any longer. Wheel covers are a reasonably inexpensive way to improve the apearance of a bare wheel. If you look at wheel covers you will find a variance in construction materials. Typical auto store usually is carrying low cost import units that are pretty light weight and they can have trouble staying on because the light metal attaching surfaces. Try junk yards or used hub cap sales places they often know more about wheel covers then you want to know.


By Bill Scott on Thursday, July 22, 1999 - 09:36 pm:

Hi Jim, I don't recall any cone shaped hubcaps. I think the little baby moons look good. Another beautiful wheel/cap combo is a chromed wheel and cap called a 'smoothy'. Forrest had those on his 64 Bambi II. Go to your search engine.

Which ones are you talking about.? Did they look like Madonna's Bra ?? Congrats again on winning Best Tow vehicle/ trailer combo.

Bill Scott
61 Bambi

By Jim Stewart on Thursday, July 22, 1999 - 09:36 pm:

Hi Bill
Thankyou. The original hubcaps were very similiar to baby moons except cone shaped, (like Mondonna's bra except fuller and about 9.5" in diameter :-) , perhaps to allow for the protruding hub. The Cruset's Bambi parked next to me had rechromed original caps. I called Mooneyes about their caps and I doubt that theirs will provide enough clearance for the hubs. I'm also looking for the original Bambi table if you know anyone who has one they want to part with.

By GEVEN ASTON on Thursday, July 22, 1999 - 09:35 pm:

I put the Mooneyes full spun aluminum discs on my 67 Caravel and they fit fine. I don't know how close my wheels are to the Bambi's though. They actually look like it should have come from the factory that way.

Thanks, Geven
Toaster Tourist
'67 Caravel

By on Thursday, July 22, 1999 - 09:36 pm:

I tried at least 6 brands of baby moons. None would clear the hubs and fit the 3 tang 13" wheel at the same time. I settled for Mooneyes "Starburst" wheel covers ( jpeg attached..) They are concentric conical wheel covers .
I have a '62 Bambi table for sale.


By Gary and /or Sandi Danio on Monday, July 26, 1999 - 03:27 pm:

Hi Jim,

We add our congrats, also. If you encounter TWO tables, we would like an original (like Bud and Bettye Coopers') for our Bambi. I agree on the hubcap issue. If you (or anyone else on the list) has an original dust cap (wheel bearing cover), the screw-on type, I'd like to purchase to replace the jerry-rigged goodie now in place.

Gary and Sandi