1962 Streamline Duchess 
1962 Streamline Duchess Vintage Trailer
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1962 Streamline Duchess
Title: 1962 Streamline Duchess Vintage Trailer        
Mileage: --        
Location: Weiser, Idaho        
 Vehicle Information
VIN: A22S5083        
Vehicle title: Clear        
Condition: Used        
Type: Travel trailer Slide outs: -- Water capacity: 6-10 gallons
Length: 22 feet Sleeping capacity: 3 Air conditioners: None
Fuel type: -- Awnings: None Leveling jacks included: No
Dry weight: 3300 lbs  

Vehicle Description

**********NEWS FLASH**********

Socialite Duchess Streamline recently returned from a 3 day trip to Pine Creek Park in Cambridge, Idaho where she enjoyed her time in the sun showing off her new facelift courtesy of Dr. 83672 and a whole new wardrobe designed specifically for her. This reporter could not help but notice that since losing the 50 lbs of contact paper, the shredded curtains, old bedding and having her chipped and worn paint covered over, dirty carpet removed and 15 years of dirt and grime cleaned off with an all over spa treatment the Duchess once again regained her former beauty and, even more important, her social status. She wowed all in attendance with her beauty and grace and once again has found herself on the *A* list. We expect to see much more of the Duchess in the spotlight as time goes on.


From her original pink Princess stove to her pink porcelain sinks and tub, her all wood cabinet doors and recent updates the Duchess has CHARM written all over her! She sports new curtains, paint, carpeting, linoleum and bedding, newly re-upholstered bench seating and a new distressed table top. Be sure and take special note of her decopage'd quilt like door, and cute antique looking ice box - distressed to match the table top. The cabinet door in the bathroom has been decopage'd with an I-Spy theme...an idea I came up with in case one finds themselves stuck in the trailer on a rainy day with a squirmy toddler - well, how 'bout a game of I-Spy ?? The Duchess is bright and cheery and brings a smile to everyone who enters through her door. Can't you just see her set up in a park with a cute picket fence and a few ceramic geese set up to greet your visitors. Or maybe as a charming guest house or Mother in Law apartment - maybe even a great place for your college student to stay in when away at school!


The Duchess is best suited as a park model, which was the original intent for her in 1962. She does have (2) 12 volt lights inside, a propane fed lantern above the stove (have not tried it - don't know for sure if it works) and a propane stove, furnace and hot water heater. She also has a retractable TV antenna. The refrigerator is a Kenmore and is electric. Her electrical system is original - all outlets and lights (with the exception of one light above the kitchen sink) work, her furnace fires up, hot water heats, water flows at all outlets and toilet flushes. She has no soft spots in the floor or leaks anywhere. All glass is in very good condition with only one small crack (approx 1 1/2") in the lower corner of the window by the kitchen table. Windows crank open and closed with ease. Some of the drawers stick a bit when opening - but I think this can be expected in a trailer of this age. All the lower storage compartments have been re-lined in plank-style linoleum. There is plenty of storage in this trailer - with overhead compartments and underbed storage. There is also storage in and under the bench seating. We placed the refrigerator atop a two drawer cabinet for more storage options and there are two closets to hang clothing in. There are no couches in this trailer, however, if I were to keep her I would have a small coffee table made with fold down legs (so I could easily store it) and set it between the twin beds - a few large pillows and you have not one but TWO couches in this trailer. What a great place that would be to spend an afternoon gossiping and playing cards while sipping tea with an old friend!


The Duchess' skin is in great condition. She does have the expected small dings of a trailer this age but nothing major. There is an old 4"x4" repaired area at the back of the trailer and we recently repaired the door whose hinge had tore loose from the trailer (see pic). She does have some etching where the tarp we had over her one winter rubbed...this should buff out. It should not take much to buff this trailer to a shine - we washed her one time and she already has the beginning of a gleam. The former owner did replace the window on the right side and it has alot of calking visible around it...but it does not leak at all.  Streamline stood apart from Airstream and other trailers of its kind in that its skin held a permanent polish, a little buffing should bring her to a brilliant shine if you want to give other drivers on the Interstate a mirror to check their look in. The Duchess also sports a brand new set of tires and wheels ($1000 worth). She is also set for hookup to a sewer system.


The propane tanks on this trailer are the originals and no longer legal to fill (the gages on these tanks are way cool!) So, we will give to the winning bidder a set of 40 lb Worthington polish-able tanks. Though they need their valves updated, this adds a $400 value to this deal!

This old beauty has so much life left in her. The Duchess is much like any other 46 year woman, though she may have a few wrinkles, she wears them well and with dignity...those are not age spots they are marks of distinction!

You see her charm......what are you waiting for!?!?!

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