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This is an e-mail discussion group primarily for owners and admirers of Silver Streak trailers, motorhomes and campers. The focus of the list is the restoration and maintenance related to the owning of Silver Streaks. The discussion centers around the technical aspects, challenges and joys of the restoration process. This affection leads to topics of upcoming events of interest to the Silver Streak enthusiast. It is with these ideals in mind that the list is proud to offer the enthusiasm and technical advice desired by folks with the same interest.

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Important: Please read the guidelines for getting the most from the Silver Streak Discussion List:

Guidelines for the Silver Streak List

A searchable archive of Silver Streak List Postings can be found on Tom Patterson's website at:

These prior postings to the Silver Streak discussion list are very useful to research topics and the questions and answers that have occurred in the past, and contain a wealth of knowledge relating to the restoration and care of Silver Streaks. Click on either of the site 'Search' engine, or the 'Google Search' on the LH side of the page and enter the keywords of interest.

Basic List Rules and Mission

The following Silver Streak List guidelines are sent to new subscribers when they sign-up. Please be familiar with them.

Welcome to the Silver Streak Discussion List - a service for owners
and enthusiasts of Silver Streak travel trailers !

While we are a very laid back and easy going list, there are some rules, relating to behavior, that we would like followed:

SUBJECT LINES: Please try to change them when you alter the course of the current discussion. It is often hard to remember, but please try. This makes it easier to find information in the archives at a later date.

ATTACHMENTS: Attachments are not allowed - period. If you wish to share an image, please post it to a personal webspace that most ISP's provide. Also remember that many email applications treat HTML formatted messages, "signatures" and forwarded messages as attachments.

RECEIPTS: Please make sure your e-mail client is not issuing a demand for a return receipt whenever someone opens your mail. Same with auto-replies - disconnect from the List when you will be away for awhile. If your mailbox account bounces messages for more than 2 days, you will be automatically removed. This is critical for those who use Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail and other free accounts, as the mailbox size are usually limited on these.

REPLIES: Please delete all the unnecessary text when replying back. Just a snippet or paragraph is needed to remind the readers of the original question or topic. The people who receive Digests will thank you. Do not reply back with "Me Too!'s" that clutter up the list - make sure your post has value. Also, please send "thank you" postings off-line to the party you want to thank. Their address appears at the top of each posting in the "From " field.

USE PLAIN ASCII TEXT: No HTML, no stylized text, no signatures - just plain text. This is getting harder to maintain as Yahoo, AOL, and other "entry level" ISP's now automatically default to HTML format. This formatting goes along with the message as an attachment. If you have problem posting, this is probably the culprit. The allowable message size and attachment size is restricted to help prevent spammers & viruses.

NO SWEARING, NO PREACHING, NO POLITICS -- No Kidding. RVers are a very diverse group of people from every corner of the US and overseas, from every religion, race and walk of life. What plays well in your neck of the woods may be offensive somewhere else.

MOST COMMERCIAL POSTS ARE NOT ALLOWED -- but there are exceptions. If you are simply a dealer looking to shill your stock or services on this list, you will be quickly removed from the group. On the other hand, if you tailor your information and replies to genuinely be helpful, you will be more than welcome - and greatly appreciated. If you are a manufacturer of restoration parts or materials, by all means inform the List with a brief "new product" announcement - but please conduct all follow-up business off-list.

SILVER STREAK "FOR SALE" NOTIFICATIONS ARE WELCOME -- Many people are looking for their first (or 3rd, 4th+) Silver Streak. If you find one available in your area, please pass the info along. If you are selling an Silver Streak, you can post the information in the free classified ads on this site. For restoration parts, list all the details in these the appropriate sections of these free ads, eBay or on your own website. (the list doesn't mind getting the first crack at a bargain!) After all, one of the greatest needs to restore a Silver Streak is parts. But please, keep marketing and all business transactions off-list.

Some specifics about the Silver Streak List

It is a service offered for Silver Streak owners and their friends, in order to share the thoughts and experiences of other Silver Streak enthusiasts. You do not have to be a Silver Streak owner to subscribe.
As this is not public media, and as you have willingly signed up for it, you also agree to abide by the List Owner's rules (the Webmaster and the volunteer Monitors). If you don't want to do so, you are free to leave. If you don't follow the rules, we are free to release you from membership. "Free Speech" is not an issue, nor is censorship - you have, by agreeing to be a List member, agreed to these rules - you don't like 'em, feel free to leave. Therefore, if you habitually swear in your messages, it is within our rights to ban you from the list. If you flame folks, defame or belittle them, you can be banned. The First Amendment (please read it if you don't believe this) does not guarantee your right to be disruptive or demeaning on the lists. So far this hasn't been an issue, and we sincerely believe it won't ever be.
You may be warned if you have problems adhering to the above requests. You may get set to "moderated" for "cooling off", or you may be permanently banned solely at our discretion. While it has never been a problem, we do want to make it clear beforehand. If anyone has a problem with it, feel free to send us mail off list - your participation on this list is purely voluntary.
Please understand that our time is as important to us as yours is to you - and if we get enough protests and complaints about an individual's abuse of the above rules, we'll take action. So far this list has remained thankfully free of some of the nonsense on other lists, but if need be, the stick will come out to make sure it stays fun.
If you have any issue with one of the above rules, please send a message to the monitors - do not clutter the list with it, as ultimately the decision is with the monitors. They will gladly explain the reasons for any of the above rules - they are not unlike the rules enforced and in force on the best e-mail lists, and most are common courtesy.