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Re: [A/S] motor homes in the club

Boy, am I disappointed - I had NO clue that you had to look a particular way 
in order to join the airstream club.  My folks had a 30 footer in the 70's. 
They traveled all over the US, Mexico in the winters, Canada in the summer, 
all pulled by a souped up Pontiac.  I have fond memories.  When we started 
looking, I wanted the old standard airstream "the silver bullet."  Hubby 
wanted a motor home.  When we found our 26 ft. Airstream Land Yacht - we 
felt we had found a great compromise.  We have had it for about eight months 
and already have some great trips under our belt.  We are proud of our 
Airstream, and have had so many compliments on it including from several 
silver bullet owners.  I have been on this list for well over a year 
(started during the "looking" phase).  I had no idea I did not fit the 
"exclusive" description of the club....

Guess I need to find another group to join....

Vicki Gallagher
Alameda, CA