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Re: [A/S] Re: New Airstream BaseCamp

I don't think that owners of the Airstream BaseCamp should be allowed to join 
the WBCCI. The reason that membership is down is because of the politics in 
the clubs. There are enough non-members with Airstream to boost the membership. 
They just don't want to deal with the politics. I have parked next to campers 
similar to the BaseCamp. They go off for the day leaving their dog behind so 
we can hear him bark. They play their television or music so everyone can hear 
it. Some of the people want you to hear every word that they speak. If they 
were in a hard sided unit the noise level would be lower.
We visited an Airstream park in Florida this past winter. There was a person 
on the parking committee that helped us park on our site. We did not move the 
trailer after he left. We unhitched and set up on our site. A few minutes 
later a guy walks up with a clip board. No greeting whatsoever. First words out of 
his mouth were that we were going to have to move our trailer 6 inches 
because our awning rail did not line up with the edge of the patio. Do you see what 
I mean about politics?